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Paul's approach to therapy.

Different therapists practice different models of therapy using different theoretical frameworks, and do so in different ways. Paul West has over 14 years experience as a therapist. 

Change Requires Knowledge. You will learn about yourself in therapy with Paul.  It can be difficult to hear and work with presenting issues.  It can be helpful to have a source of courage (and/or resilience) to hear and learn about yourself.

It is Paul’s philosophy that you are the solution to your issues, but (at some deeper level) have forgotten that you have this resource.  Early experiences in your life may have influenced you into your present inaction & inability. The therapeutic work may look into how this came about, in order to release you from your current story, so that you might be able to begin writing a new story going forward.

Paul offers a Therapeutic Partnership. If you’re seeking someone who will join you in seeking knowledge about your difficulties and if you’re prepared to put in a similar amount of work into this arrangement, then Paul could be just the therapist you’re looking for.

If the above challenges your imagination about therapy, please contact Paul for an appointment, support and guidance.

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